Thinking about legacy.

My daughter performed shakespeare at the talent show this last weekend. She was the only thespian in the entire lineup of primarily hula hoopers, dancers and singers. She’s unique in that way. And it got me thinking that she will leave her mark on the school for that reason. They’ll remember that girl who every year for the talent show memorized passages from the works of Shakespeare. They won’t remember the words, but her passion for it. Because it was just such an interesting choice and focus.

But it never enters her mind - this is what I’m leaving behind. I asked her. And she says, “I pretty much just live day-to-day.” And then she added, “But that’s easy for me because you take care of everything else.”

As long as i can, I thought to myself.

This is the requiem for a dream - the way we become more the master of time and resources and that flowing river of haphazardness dries up. Try to count the minutes that you are actually allowed to simply live in that mindset. There have been years - maybe an entire decade - where I grabbed maybe a few hours a week, at best. You can’t hit any rhythm with that kind of schedule. And it eats away at your legacy. 

I’m more interested now in not just doing what needs to get done, but figuring out where I can have the most impact, in terms of what I can create. And leave. Art. That happens in life. Things that sat on the back burner start to need heat. You bring them forward and see how it has seasoned over time. If you still have an appetite for it. If so, well, this dish above all - to thine own self be true…