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EXHIBITION: Diversions, Subtleties and Devotion: Five Photographic Visions

Co-organized by Venice Arts and Month of Photography Los Angeles (MOPLA), this exhibition curates the work of five photographers—Kristin Bedford, Rachel Bujalski, Allison Pharmakis, Josh S. Rose, and Lev Rukhin—each bringing a unique perspective to MOPLA’s 2016 theme: Diverse/City. Diversions, Subtleties and Devotion encompasses a variety of documentary visions into the people and places that make our contemporary cities—as well as more far-flung places connected to them only tangentially—vibrant, interconnected, and diverse places to live. Josh S. Rose and Lev Rukhin surreptitiously capture photographs of the often-overlooked communities and characters of Los Angeles’ neighborhoods. Kristin Bedford and Allison Pharmakis take deep dives into enduring communities of faith in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Traveling through high desert, national forests, city marinas, and coastal and mountain towns, Rachel Bujalski takes portraits of people living an alternative American Dream—off-the-grid residentially, but plugged in technologically. Together, these artists’ photographic series take us inside worlds both all around us, and utterly new. Opening Reception: Saturday, March 12, 5–8pm Artists' Talk & Closing Reception: Sunday, April 3, 2pm An Official Discussion of Month of Photography Los Angeles Exhibition runs March 4–April 7, 2016 An Official Exhibition of Month of Photography Los Angeles

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"Life Itself" Solo Show - Venice Arts, Venice, CA.

My particular style of shooting seeks to capture humanity in its basest form - out on the street, as it is. That, for me, is life itself. The exhibit plays out in life stages, where each stage is defined by a diptych. The two pieces work together to define a distinct human condition. The themes range from creation, to coming of age, to our search for meaning, to our struggle for identity and to our eventual eternalness. Questions may arise as you walk through: is this a photo of me? Are they all of me? Of everyone? My opinion, those very questions touch on life itself.

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"Open Show" - Los Angeles

OPEN SHOW LOS ANGELES #31 : Venice Arts 22nd Anniversary Celebration
SHOW DATE: October 14, 2015 (Wed) 7:30-9:30pm
VENUE: Venice Arts | 1702 Lincoln Blvd., Venice, CA 90291

Open Show LA is excited to celebrate the 22nd Anniversary of Venice Arts by hosting a special event that will feature a few of the fantastic photographers who have generously donated a print to be auctioned off at the 22nd Anniversary Gala. The work that Venice Arts does to keep the arts alive in the community is commendable and we are proud of our ongoing partnership with them.

Join us on the night of October 14 to hear artist presentations and get a sneak peak at the prints that will be available at the Gala & Auction on November 7th.

Marian Crostic:
James Walker:
Josh Rose:
Michele Morris:
Zinnia Moreno, Venice Arts Advanced Studies Student

Open Show Los Angeles provides a forum for our local community of visual storytellers to share their projects. Each month photographers, filmmakers and multimedia producers of L.A. gather at different venues around town for an evening of live presentations and lively conversations.

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"My L.A." Group Show, Hive Gallery - Los Angeles

"My L.A." A group show of Los Angeles-based photographers at The Hive Gallery, downtown Los Angeles.

What does a street photographer look like in a city where people rarely walk? to be fair, this is a question that would have been more relevant to Los Angeles a few years back, but these photographers represent an evolving art form.

As neighborhoods develop (or gentrify), commuters are motivated to ditch their once mandatory cars and take in their surroundings, creating fertile grounds for street photographers.

SHOOTING IN LA - part of the MY LA photo exhibition at the Hive Gallery, will discuss how shooting in this metropolis has changed, what challenges face photographers today, and how these artists navigate a city with no unanimously agreed center. 

Featuring Josh S. Rose, George Byrne, Michelle Groskopf, Rinzi Ruiz, and Mark Velasquez, moderated by photographer / curator Michael Rababy (american bachelor). 

Thursday September 17th, 7:30pm


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