Sergio Buss | The Inspired One

A huge waste of time would be looking through Sergio Buss' large cadre of work, trying to find an image that wasn't stunning. His project "BECOME A SONG" was popping up in my IG feed for a while before I was struck by a shot that was strikingly familiar. The recognizable architecture of an apartment that I once lived in was unmistakable. In the Japanese-inspired "Cube," every wall opens up as a window. Poor thing is like 3 feet too high and the city is probably going to have it torn down. Once that had my attention, though, I really studied Sergio's work. Shockingly good. I mean, it's perfect, in a beautiful, messy, dark, searching kind of way.

Thus begins a little personal project to highlight The New Photographers. Artists who are really pushing the medium every day. And in new ways. Taking on personal projects, for the love of it, above all else. And not haphazardly, either. With a professionalism and attention to quality that would rival anybody, in any field. And yet, at the same time, as a persistent student of the medium. 

I'm interested in people like this. Who are rising above the fray with personal passion, craftsmanship and a burning desire to get better at making great imagery, for themselves first. What it says to me is that true artistry is still alive and well. I am enthralled with great work, even when it touches on subject matter, like this, that I don't tackle. So, I reached out. I said, let me get inside your head a little bit. He was kind enough to oblige. Work like this can only make us all better. I asked a bunch of questions. You don't need those. This is just his words, his images. You'll see. 

"One thing very important about the “Become a Song’: I do it for me and with the intent of getting better as a photographer. I allow people to see what I’m doing… my trial and error process, my failures, my attempt to come out with something unique… but ultimately I do it for me."
"Most of the time I’m really quiet as I’m searching for ideas, composition, lighting… I just put some music on (I have a playlist on spotify with music that fits the mood of the photography i do) and experiment a lot before hitting the shutter. It’s a very slow process and I take my time to think about what I’m doing because that’s the only reason why “Become a Song” exists: it’s my personal time to practice and try different stuff."
"‘Become a Song’ is not about being sexy… it’s more about learning/practicing narrative, finding a way to represent a song that I like visually. The girl, being nude or not, is just part of the composition."
"This session was done in about 30 minutes. I knew exactly what I wanted even before touching the camera. I was going for an eerie and mysterious look. Holga with 30 multiple exposures… and Diana with 3min long exposures. It was done against a black wall with a single lamp. Pretty simple setup."
"I guess this is my nature (or my curse) as a human being… I’m always pushing the envelope. Like I mentioned before… what you see is not a finished “product”, it’s my struggle as an artist. Eventually I’ll get somewhere."
"I just wanna be the best I can. I’ve been photographing for about 5 years and just last year I took the leap and became a full time photographer so this is all new to me."
"The “Become a song” book I’ve been working on… all shot with a Polaroid 110B and FP3000 film. I challenge myself by bringing only a pack of film to every session so I have 10 shots with each model and I plan on publishing all 10 shots from every session in the book. No margin for errors here. I have to nail the exposure (I usually underexpose a lot on purpose), the composition, everything."
"For the ‘Become a song” sessions I’m trying to shoot film exclusively now so I’m basically using my Leica M6 + Zeiss 50mm and FM3a + 35mm. I’ve been experimenting with some different film stocks… I recently did a session with Tmax3200 and went nuts!!!!! Too bad it’s out of production. The new portra400 is my fav color film at the moment. I also shoot with a Hasselblad 500cm , Mamiya 645, Lomo LC-A, Holga, Diana F+, Polaroid SX70, Polaroid Land 330 and Polaroid Spectra."
"I do have a good idea on how I frame my shots and 99% of the time I don’t crop my images when post processing. I really don’t think much when I’m framing a scene, I just move around until what I see makes sense to me. Not very scientific, huh? hahaha..."