Street Photography Workshops

I offer two workshops. One is a smaller, more-intensive, one-day street photography course and can be scheduled on an individual basis. The other takes place over a weekend and is done through Venice Arts, in Venice, CA. My next weekend course will be in Fall and can be scheduled by contacting Venice Arts.

The following information is for my one-day course. Sign up information is below.

Street Photography Workshop

The Street Photography workshop is about mastering the ability to capture a moment that nobody else will. This is the best part of street shooting. The artistry is fun and we will go over the techniques that get your images to have a unique and powerful look, but the real joy is in telling a story that is all your own. The great shooters get images that make you wonder, "How'd they get that moment?!" I'll explain it and give you the tools to get those yourself. Tried and true techniques, covering the equipment and approach to making art from everyday life.

The course starts with a dialogue through email prior to meeting and then with some coffee on the morning of our workshop day. We then set off through the walk streets of Venice, discussing light and shadow first, before we ever get to people. Then, we emerge onto Abbot Kinney, considered one of the grooviest streets in America. There's opportunity galore to capture interesting personalities and stories there. And I know all the right places to stand. From there, we head even further west - to famed Venice Beach. Here, you see an amazing parade of people in the throws of more activities than you can possibly capture, from piano players to skaters. One of the few outdoor stages where performers intermingle with audiences every day. And well on into the night.

I'll go over some of my techniques for dealing with hyper environments like that and singling out things to shoot and finding personal stories amidst the public chaos.

I have a companion book that you get for free when you take the course that goes over all the stuff we cover. You can also just get the book, if you want, for $9.99.

Cost: $300